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Happy Baby


We were at our wits' end when our 3 year-old daughter, who was previously a great sleeper, entered a horrible sleep regression during the coronavirus pandemic.  We thought we had tried everything but to no avail. Taylor not only had compassion for our situation but took the time to fully listen to our needs and intentions, and developed a comprehensive Sleep Plan for us to follow.  With her behavioral therapist background, she also gave us the confidence through her knowledge that she understood our situation on a deeper level than just the superficial sleeping habits.  Within the first two days of our 2-week plan, our daughter's sleep habits had already majorly improved!  Throughout the entire process, Taylor was accessible, responsive, and again compassionate to our needs, questions, and feelings along the way.  Our entire family is so much more well-rested now, and we feel immensely more prepared to handle any sleep regressions that may happen in the future too.  We would refer her without question to any family seeking help with their child's sleeping habits! 



—  The Sung Family // Sophie, age 3

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