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Because even babies need their beauty sleep!


Are you sleep deprived and exhausted? Do you need help getting your child to sleep? You've come to the right place! Parenthood is hard. Not getting sleep is harder.


I use evidence-based methods that are tailored to your family's specific needs and values to help your little one learn how to sleep better. Let's make your life easier and give everyone in your family the beauty sleep they deserve!

Sleep Consulting Packages

​Best for families who are new to sleep training and need ample support

Packages include:

  • In-depth sleep assessment

  • Individualized sleep plan tailored to your family's needs

  • 1-3 weeks of support

Sleep Plans

Best for families who have minor sleep issues and are very familiar and with sleep training

​Package includes:

  • Generalized sleep plan based on your family's needs

  • 30 minute phone consultation

A La Carte Services

Best for families who are:

  • Not new to sleep training 

  • Looking for help with a minor sleep issue

  • Looking for help with a newborn

  • Returning clients

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My baby went from sleeping in our bed or on me for all naps and nighttime sleep to falling asleep independently in her crib.

— Christy

Cora, 5 months